Measuring instruments

RaySafe 452 Radiation Survey Meter

RaySafe 452 is a powerful instrument for measuring ionizing radiation
(ɑ, β, Ɣ, X-ray) in a wide range of applications, including isotope detection in nuclear medicine and industry, diffuse X-ray measurement in radiodiagnostics (mammography, CT, etc.) and radiation oncology (linear accelerators).
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RaySafe X2

RaySafe X2 is a system for measuring and analyzing X-ray exposure parameters, including a graphical representation of kV and dose directly on the R2 display, without the use of a PC.

RaySafe i3

RaySafe i3 is an active WIFI dosimetric system that provides an overview of the magnitude of irradiance in real time and also allows for dose control during the reporting period.

RaySafe i3 allows the user to instantly change their radiation field behavior to minimize radiation exposure.

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